Falquez - Indie


“Indie,” the debut single by Falquez, takes you on a musical journey that originated from a simple, yet profound, moment of inspiration. Recorded in Austin, TX, this song is a reflection of artistic exploration and the culmination of a dream to create music independently.

The song’s inception began with a riff that emerged while doodling with musical ideas. This opening melody sparked curiosity, leading to a decision to record and build upon it. Drums were introduced to see how this musical seed would evolve. As the main structure of the song took shape, layers of guitar solos and bass were added, creating a harmonious blend of elements.

In the quest for completeness, a synth was introduced, offering a distinct presence and separation from the analog instruments. This meticulous crafting process brought “Indie” to life, showcasing the artist’s dedication to capturing a musical vision.

“Indie” is more than just a song; it’s a representation of the diverse musical styles that have influenced the artist over time. It stands as a testament to the desire to create music independently, a personal journey of self-expression and exploration.

Beyond its musical roots, “Indie” draws inspiration from the profound impact of nature on human existence. It mirrors the way sunlight filters through trees and fog, creating a mystical ambiance that encapsulates the feeling of being lost and finding a path forward. The song carries a positive message, echoing the choices some make to embrace life’s small victories and focus on the beauty of the world around them.

“Indie” invites you to join the artist on this musical voyage, where inspiration takes shape, and emotions are woven into melodies. It’s a testament to the power of creative exploration and a reminder that music has the ability to capture the essence of life’s moments, big and small.


‘Indie’ is an instrumental song by Daniel Falquez


Released September 25, 2020
Mixed and mastered by David Ospina at Brona Records


Photo by Daniel Peters on Unsplash

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