Falquez is a musical project from Miami, Florida led by Colombian-American musician Daniel Falquez, known for its genre-blending sound that encompasses elements of alternative rock, shoegaze, and power pop.

Falquez is an alternative rock project from Miami, led by Colombian-American artist Daniel Falquez. Their sound is a captivating blend of genres, seamlessly weaving together elements of metal, shoegaze, and power pop.

Falquez’s debut album, “Known Behaviors,” released in May 2024, is a powerful exploration of human emotions. Tracks like “Severed Sun” ignite a call to action for environmental protection, while “Solemn Eyes” delves into the complexities of emotions with nuance. “Sometimes” offers a dreamy soundscape with introspective lyrics, and “The Platypus” explodes with a sonic celebration of individuality.

Drawing inspiration from rock legends like Smashing Pumpkins, Alice in Chains, Deftones, and Bush, Falquez carves his own unique path. His music transcends genre limitations, becoming a powerful vehicle for raw emotions and explorations of the human experience.

Falquez’s artistic journey is just beginning. He’s currently gearing up for a string of local and regional concerts to showcase his live performance. New original music is also on the horizon. Looking ahead to 2025, Falquez plans to explore his diverse influences with a collection of cover EPs.


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Falquez es fiel a una tradición rockera que se mantiene viva con orgullo y respeto a nivel global.

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“Sometimes” representa un paso adelante en la evolución artística de Falquez.

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Sus canciones, transitan con facilidad entre las emociones más viscerales del ser humano y aquellas que difícilmente salen al exterior.

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