Falquez - Known Behaviors

Known Behaviors

“Known Behaviors” is more than just an album, it’s a complete experience. Immerse yourself in Falquez’s unique perspective as sound and story weave together.

Colombian-American artist Falquez unveils his deeply personal debut album, “Known Behaviors.” This captivating release blends alternative rock, post-grunge, and power pop, showcasing Falquez’s unique sonic fingerprint.

“Kaleidoscope,” the album’s anchor track, sets the stage with introspective lyrics and dynamic melodies, exploring the complexities of self-discovery and growth. Previously released singles like “Sometimes”, “The Platypus”, “Solemn Eyes,” “Severed Sun,” and “La Separación” offer a taste of the album’s diverse themes and musical styles.

Falquez further brings his music to life with captivating music videos. From the haunting visuals of “Solemn Eyes” to the compelling narrative in “La Separación,” these videos offer a deeper connection to the stories and emotions woven into each song.

“Known Behaviors” transcends a mere collection of tracks. It’s a cohesive journey that reflects Falquez’s unique perspective and invites listeners to join him. Stay tuned for more music videos and additional content in the coming weeks, as Falquez delves deeper into the world of “Known Behaviors.”

Track List

  1. Huentitán
  2. Sometimes
  3. Solemn Eyes
  4. The Platypus
  5. Kaleidoscope
  6. Severed Sun
  7. El Sol Brilla Por Las Noches Feat. Karla Vega
  8. Yo Miro Hacia El Cielo Para Respirar
  9. La Separación
  10. Eternal Silence


Produced by Ferny Coipel
Mix Engineer: Zack Ziskin
Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Synth, Castanet: Daniel Falquez
Drums: Gio Montañez
Strings composed and arranged by Ferny Coipel
Violin: Belinda Nilong Stoner
Cello: Jose Pradas
Trumpet: Julian Cifuentes
Clarinet: Nicolas Bolin
Vocals: Karla Vega
Flutes, Cellos, Violas, Violins, Piccolo, Glockenspiel, Triangle, Tambourine: Ferny Coipel

Graphic design and illustration: Felipe Barriga and Vivienne Pretelt from Team Belly

Recorded at The Shack North Studios in Hialeah, FL between October 2022 and December 2023

All Songs and lyrics written by Daniel Falquez
ALL songs published by Perception Entertainment (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved



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