Falquez - The Platypus, the second single off "Known Behaviors".

The Platypus

Falquez Explores Profound Emotional Landscapes with New Single “The Platypus”

With his latest single “The Platypus,” Falquez unveils a haunting exploration of emotional solitude and inner conflict. The song delves deep into the struggle of concealing one’s own feelings, resonating with a raw and introspective tone that captures the complexity of the human condition.

Inspired by personal experiences, the track showcases a captivating blend of powerful melodies and thought-provoking imagery that invites listeners to contemplate the complexities of emotional isolation and personal redemption.

“The Platypus” video, directed by Alan Gaspar, under the lens of Andres Henry, and featuring the compelling performance of actress Ekaterini Sucarrats Fafutis, amplifies the essence of the song’s introspective narrative, depicting the struggle of a solitary figure wrestling with inner turmoil and nostalgia. The haunting visuals are impeccably complemented by the atmospheric instrumentation, including the violin, cello, clarinet, timpani, and chimes, expertly woven together by producer Ferny Coipel.

The cover art, a stunning creation by the design duo Felipe Barriga and Vivienne Pretelt from Team Belly, seamlessly reflects the underlying themes of isolation and reflection present in the song. The imagery of the platypus, an animal known for its seclusion and contemplative nature, encapsulates the introspective message conveyed throughout the track.

Looking ahead, Falquez is poised to continue his musical journey, with plans to release additional music in support of his upcoming debut album “Known Behaviors.” Anticipation is building for a forthcoming single in the realm of alternative rock slated for release in late November, as well as an exclusive pre-album launch celebration in Miami, bringing together friends, collaborators, and industry professionals. Additionally, the artist is preparing for a scheduled tour in Mexico in January, promising a continued exploration of profound musical narratives and emotional resonance.


I watch you crawl into the outside
A lonely creature in disguise
A ray of light, your enervation
A hatchet in between your eyes

I see you burning from the inside
Alone, you’re calling your demise
A shield, the armor of desperation
A human blinded in despair

Carry on
Without me
The dead weight is over



Produced by Ferny Coipel
Mix Engineer: Zack Ziskin
Guitar, bass, vocals: Daniel Falquez
Drums: Gio Montañez
Violin: Belinda Nilong Stoner
Cello: Jose Pradas
Clarinet: Nicolas Bolin


Directed by Alan Gaspar
Director of Photography: Andrés Henry
Behind the scenes: Hugo Díaz
Graphic design and illustration: Felipe Barriga and Vivienne Pretelt from Team Belly
Actress: Ekaterini Sucarrats Fafutis
Makeup: Noemi López


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