Death Becomes One - Confused by fate

Confused by Fate

After performing for many artists and moving from one band to another, the members of the South Florida Metal act found themselves unifying a unique sound. A conflate of musical styles predominates in the group’s sound.

Vocalist/guitar player Daniel Falquez’s mix of brutal screamed vocals with clean melodies and catchy hooks, emphasized by lead guitarist David Marin’s shredding ax, melodic backing vocals by bassist Santiago Cadavid and the pounding rhythm-perfect beats of drummer Gio Montañez have led this quartet never depend on anyone but themselves to push their band forward.

“Confused by Fate” is the second EP from Death Becomes One. A heavier sound and a more mature sound gave the Miami-based trio the opportunity to perform around Florida and gain new followers.

Unfortunately, the band saw their final days before the release of this EP but left a few songs that represent the collaboration, sentiments, and moments around the members of Death Becomes One during their short tenure.

Track List

1. Confused By Fate
2. Empty Souls
3. Denial

Death Becomes One

Daniel Falquez: Vocals, Bass & Rhythm Guitar
David Marin: Lead Guitar
Gio Montañez: Drums


Produced by Ferny Coipel & Daniel Falquez
Recorded at The Shack North by Ferny Coipel
Mixed and mastered by Zack Ziskin

Design & Layout by Synch Media
Photography by Karen Keesler
Printed by SM Labs and manufactured by Perception Entertainment LLC

Lyrics by Daniel Falquez
Music by Death Becomes One
All Rights Reserved © 2013 Perception Entertainment LLC (ASCAP)


Ferny Coipel for The Shack North, Pierre Hachar, Jr., Esq. for The Hachar Law Group, Karen Keesler, Jose Garzon for Sunset Booking & Management, our families & YOU!

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