Pyrojet - Tragic Affair - The Talent Farm Compilation Vol 2

Tragic Affair

Pyrojet was a Pop Punk band from Miami that melded the sound of melodic punk and alternative rock. The mix of guitar harmonies lends a hand to a heavier sound while some songs show the skate punk influences of its members.

The band recorded “Living Funeral”, their debut full-length album with the help of Pierre Hachar, Jr. which also served as an Executive Producer. The band was able to tour the East Coast to promote the release of the album while visiting towns around Florida with other fellow bands.

“Tragic Affair” was the last song that the band released but not the last song they recorded. While the band was recording their second album, they disbanded and the session was abruptly canceled.

The Talent Farm was a venue located in Pembroke Pines, Florida that hosted thousands of bands across America but their biggest effort was promoting the local punk and hardcore scene in South Florida. The Talent Farm was home to many bands that had the opportunity to showcase their art and through their compilations, capture their message and share it with the World.

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