Maroon 5 – Sunday Morning cover by The Quarantines

This is my friend Pierre Hachar, Jr. Esq, he is one of the best entertainment attorneys in the industry. But more than that, he is an amazing musician, producer, and overall awesome dude.

He posted a one-man-band video covering “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5. While I have never heard this song in my life, he jokingly asked me to add a bass line, so I took it very very seriously (notice my face expressions).

We are a bit over 4,854 miles apart but I always loved recording with him so I took it as an opportunity to take the bass out and get back to what I really enjoy doing. I remember spending countless hours at the Think Famous headquarters recording whatever he threw my way and loving every second of it.

Does anyone want to add a guitar part? Maybe a sax, a synth, a kazoo? Hope everyone had a great weekend, see you online soon!

Check out Pierre’s original “one-man-band” cover here:

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