Falquez presents The Platypus on Rolling Stone en Español

Falquez as seen on Rolling Stone En Español

Falquez Sails into New Sonic Horizons with ‘The Platypus’ as Rolling Stone En Español Chronicles the Musical Voyage

Rolling Stone in Español, a powerhouse in music coverage across Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, and Spain, recently spotlighted Falquez and the release of his latest single, ‘The Platypus.’ The feature delves into the musical journey of Colombian-American artist Daniel Falquez, tracing back to the late ’90s with musical endeavors such as Emex, Pyrojet, Death Becomes One, and Father of Zeus.

The article reflects on Falquez’s musical influences, drawing parallels with iconic bands like Soundgarden, Smashing Pumpkins, Deftones, and Alice in Chains. With singles like ‘Sometimes‘ and the recent ‘The Platypus,’ Falquez showcases a commitment to the rock tradition, preserving the essence of the ’90s—a decade revered by many as the last great era for rock.

The feature also sheds light on Falquez’s latest single, ‘Severed Sun,’ a composition delving into the fragility of our environment and the tumultuous relationship between humanity and nature.

As Falquez paves the way for his debut album, ‘Known Behaviors,’ set to circulate in early 2024, the artist plans to continue releasing music. Additionally, he is gearing up for a tour that will see him perform in Mexico. The Rolling Stone in Español feature encapsulates the essence of Falquez’s musical odyssey, offering readers a glimpse into the sonic landscapes he navigates.

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